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Bondage Arena was an original concept developed by Aelie, finding a way to play a competitive dice game with a kinky twist. It rapidly developed due to multiple player's input, expanding from a d10 game to d20 to give more dice possibilities, and eventually reached its current state. It remains a work in progress, continuing to be shared with various players for new ideas and playtesting.

For those of you using this page to play:

These rules are designed to be a framework, to assist people who don't have particular ideas of how they want to play, and to provide a relatively balanced set of statistics for fair battles. If you are unsatisfied with the themes provided, feel free to alter your descriptions to make a Kitty Tamer into, say, a Pony Tamer. Or change a Magical Dressmaker into a Bondage Fashionista. The fluff is provided to give a general outline of how things work out, not to limit creativity. Describing the attacks and their results is entirely a player-chosen activity, and the gamemakers encourage people to develop their own creative versions of the classes and rules.

Foremost, have fun, and try not to let your opponents win TOO easily!